I’m baaaack

When a friend of mine suggested that I start a blog to review books, I remembered that I had this one. Thank goodness for “Forgot your password?” because otherwise I would have had to start from scratch. Not that I had much on this one to begin with. To be fair, one of my first posts was about my inability to keep a blog going. And while I looked at the piddly amount of posts that I put here a few years ago, I felt a little better when I looked at the dates.

February 2013- My son was only 2 months old when I last left this space. This was a few months before a bout of eczema turned into a bad topical steroid addiction and I was optimistically (perhaps naively) trying to volunteer at a special library so that my librarian experience wouldn’t wither away. As if the steroid horror wasn’t enough (I’m talking bloody bedsheets from the incessant scratching and constant oozing of the face), my little angel became a mobile terror and I hadn’t baby proofed the house yet. And during those months of feeling like I hadn’t gotten the mom routine down, I finally noticed that our savings were dwindling and had to figure how to save money so that I could continue to stay at home with my son.

I guess I had a Becky Bloomwood realization at some point that it was more feasible for me to make more money rather than cut the fat. But the night shift at Walgreens didn’t sound so good when the 2 locations near my houses were held up at gunpoint at night. Needless to say, when I was offered employment at either location, I didn’t call them back. Just as I was getting desperate and going through my email archives in search of freelance job postings, I lucked out and found old emails from the company I work for now.

I’ve been with this company for a year and a half-ish now and it’s had its ups and downs. The pay is definitely an up, but the lack of work that happens sometimes (like now) is definitely a down. And the ultimate downer is the rumor I’ve heard that the organization that we format journals for is eagerly awaiting for our contract to be up so that they can drop us like a hot potato. I try to do good work and be a team player, so I’m hoping that if the rumor is true, at least my company will retain me when (finger crossed!) they’ve acquired a new client.

I’ve signed up for an Amazon Turk account in the meanwhile but I have yet to give it a try. $5 an hour if I really hustle is not that attractive.

I lucked out this week by being accepted to participate in a study group of mothers who give up their mobile devices. I have the potential to make $300 just for writing or video blogging my thoughts and answering some prompts every day. So in terms of weekly pay, I’ve made more this week than I normally do, even though I only worked half as much at my usual gig. I’m currently reading “The Last Dragonslayer” by Jasper Fforde which explains that coincidences, luck, etc. is actually small amounts of magic that normal folks are able to perform or experience. As opposed to sorcerers who can definitely point their finger and cause something to levitate or explode.

So that was some magic. My friend telling me about the blogging gig was a little more magic. Fingers crossed that even more magic will come my way and I will actually be accepted to do the book blog gig. Meanwhile, I plan to share a few of the many books I’ve read recently that made an impact on me.

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