Review: I Hate Pinatas by Heather Maloy

Surviving Life’s Unexpected Surprises
A Memoir
Heather Maloy
If you’re sensitive to crude humor or language, power through the introduction of this memoir. I swear, it’s worth it. Maloy’s style might put off some, but her writing takes on a professional tone from the moment she describes the ultrasound that pinpoints her unborn child’s heart deficiency. Her work as a court reporter has undoubtedly served her well in remembering the technical and medical jargon, as well as the progression of family events. Certain scenarios are written with an almost clinical precision, but there are still those wonderful nuggets of her personality injected here and there. For the record, I think she uses profanity at appropriate moments.
I came away with understanding a little more of what my friends with dangerous health issues might go through. Also, I got teary eyed over the pain of her baby, I often simultaneously pumped my fist in the air (in my head, at least) for Maloy’s strength. This woman is my spirit animal.
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