Review: Oh, How the Years Fly By! by Annette Bridges

Oh, how the years fly by!

A whimsical coloring journey. . .

A whimsical inspirational journey . . .
Annette Bridges
Genre: Inspirational Adult Coloring & Quote Books
Date of Publication: August 1, 2016
Publisher: Ranch House Press
# of pages: 72


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Oh, how the years fly by! A whimsical coloring journey is an adult coloring book that features thirty vibrant original illustrations and quotes that will take you on an enchanting voyage of reflection. Be reminded of the simple pleasures that make you feel happy. Find the encouragement you need to nourish your soul and refresh your spirit. Get out your colored pencils or crayons and discover the stress relieving, calming pleasure of coloring.  
Oh, how the years fly by! A whimsical inspirational journey is a smaller hardcover full-color rendition of the coloring book featuring the same illustrations and quotes.



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I had the privilege to review both the hardcover quote book and the large, paperback coloring book. One look at the cover and I knew that this adult coloring book had what all of the other adult coloring books on the market lack: whimsy. And not just because it has the word as part of its title, but because one glance takes you right back to your childhood.
The large eyes of the people, the curved lines that just seem to go on and on. The bright pops of color, like a muted Lisa Frank coloring book. Childlike, but sophisticated at the same time somehow. I don’t know how that was achieved, but it was very successful.
Most adult coloring books look like those pretentious coffee table books that nobody really looks at. Trendy shapes repeated over and over again into some pattern that spirals outward to the edges of the page. Nothing that makes you want to jump into the page. Bridges’ book feels familiar but like an adventure all at the same time.
I wish that the quote book was more than a miniature, colored version of the coloring book. I know that it’s meant to just be an inspirational quote book, but I would have loved to read a little blurb about each picture, which were inspired by Bridges’ actual family photographs. I also would have liked to see more original quotes within as well.
Illustration-wise, the little airplane in the quote book didn’t go anywhere. It would have been nice to see it move as you turned the page. That would have been a great opportunity to do a flip book type thing where it would look like plane was zooming around. Or maybe the plane could have been used as a vehicle to provide explanations for the illustrations. Either through cloud writing or with a streaming banner from the tail.
In the coloring book, the airplane is gone, leaving a lot of blank space on the backs of the pages. But that could be a good thing if someone chose to color with markers instead of pencils.
I highly recommend this book to people of all ages. Anyone who loves color, who loves to color, or just needs some uplifting words in their life. This would make a wonderful gift.

Annette Bridges is an author, publisher and women’s retreat host on a mission to help every woman realize her story is extraordinary, valuable and noteworthy.



Before writing books, this former public school and home school educator spent a decade writing hundreds of helpful, instructive, and lighthearted columns published by Texas newspapers, parenting magazines, websites, and bloggers.



Annette lives on a Texas cattle ranch with her husband John, dachshund Lady, and lots of cows. She can drive a tractor but only if wearing a fresh coat of lipstick and it’s not her pedicure day!



Annette loves to journal in color and create word art. She especially enjoys coloring with glitter markers. She looks forward to spending hours with her daughter coloring this book and giggling together as they remember their many happy adventures.






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One response to “Review: Oh, How the Years Fly By! by Annette Bridges

  1. Hi Lorilei! Thank you so very much for your lovely review of my new books! Much appreciated! I thought you might like me to reply to your questions and curiosities. My quotes are actually original – meaning they are from my heart. I did not seek out quotes by others. However, I know that some are undoubtedly messages that others have shared in some similar and familiar way. What a clever idea you had about having the little airplane travel around the page! I will share with my illustrator! An idea for a future book! I am planning to do a series of blogs or vlogs that tell the whole story behind each illustration and affirmation. Anyone can subscribe to these on my website at Also, in my Facebook coloring parties, Let’s Color Our World Party that happen monthly on the third Sunday, I show up in a Facebook live video on party day and show those attending the photo that inspired the page they are coloring. And the one-sided coloring pages were requested by many friends so they were on purpose! 😉 I hope my explanations are helpful to others with similar questions.

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