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Putting more eggs in the basket

I just ordered 90 cups worth of Pink Stork Fertility Tea. I read probably all of the reviews on Amazon and have decided that I am willing to mess up my regular cycle for a chance at conceiving. There are tons of women who claim that they got pregnant during the first cycle of drinking the stuff. I guess we shall see. If I am so lucky, I will be giving the rest to the other women in my life who are also having trouble conceiving.

Today was the second day of my new workout routine. How sad that I hate cardio so much that 15 minutes on the elliptical feels like an eternity. I really just use it to get my heart rate up so that I can do circuit training style workouts that alternate between resistance and high intensity bursts.

I ate relatively healthy (I didn’t eat any candy). Although, I had a small ice cream pop… Baby steps.

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