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Day 7 of the @ENIGMASERIES #ShortStory Journey


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Author Insights

Multiple generations of the R-Group focused on helping those impacted by oppressors, power seekers, and thieves who steal wealth at the expense of the average person. The primary goal for this group is maintaining a high ethical ground when choosing the path for solving the problems. Jacob Michaels, a continuing character in the Enigma Series and one of the leaders of the R-Group, learned this from his grandfather, Wolfgang

The series as stories set in contemporary times where technology is todays weapon of choice. They were however founded by three men during World War II who fought tyranny at the hands of the Germans. Wolfgang was a founding father of the R-Group.

As authors, we received many questions about our cyber heroes and how they take the battle to their enemies. Jacob and Wolfgang often discussed the right choices to make on behalf of their private clients and the countries they serve. When Jacob learns more history of the R-Group, he discovers it is easy to see right from wrong at multiple levels.

When Jacob and his team mates take the leadership roles, he worries about sharing enough information in meaningful examples with the next generation. In The Enigma Beyond, Jacob held a heartfelt conversation with Wolfgang.  Jacob wonders what more he can do to instill the value for the next generation of the R-Group to maintain their integrity. YouTube link: https://youtu.be/Q-pprbk4-iY

This conversation led us to create a short story and then release a complete novella in 2021 to learn about the original men who escaped Poland in 1939. These men risked their lives to stop the German military machine. Out of Poland – Novella is a gripping tale that vividly paints the picture of war, pride, hope, and death for a country without support from its allies.  Out of Poland is about how great things come out of extreme adversity.

About the Short Story

Beneath the storm clouds of a deadly war, three men need to unlock the secrets to redeem the world.

The setting is Poland—1939. Germans are marching toward Warsaw, crushing everything in their path. The Polish people feel the crush of their defensives and their brave cavalry. Fighting against the Nazi military machine is a death wish realized all too clearly.

Death, destructions, pillage, and woman brutalized at the hands of soldiers with no honor marks the invaders’ path. As much as the citizens of Poland pray for a different outcome, everything they have known, loved, and grown up with is gone.

Three young men take on the task of finding and extracting the German military communications device, Baby, kept under heavy guard. Polish patriots die to aid the three in getting the information and then fleeing with the prize. The race is on as the Germans try to match wits with the clever patriots who risk detection at every turn.

Ambassador Ferdek Watcowski insists that his son Ferdek with Wolfgang and Tavius, flee with the families while there is still time to reach a border. Their goal—escape with Baby intact.

Hitler’s forces so outclass Poland’s military that survival is key to fighting another day. Facing great peril and odds against their survival, the men resolve to make a difference so those who died helping them would not have sacrificed in vain. They vow to undertake a lifetime of fighting tyranny.

Successful survivors must look ahead.

We consider this the prequel to the Enigma Series. It is available on Amazon https://bit.ly/OOPolandN  We look forward to your review and comments on our short stories.

About the Authors

Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey are co-authors of the award-winning Enigma Series. Their characters demand that their stories are told. The storytelling began with a few heroes, then expanded to those with self-serving motives. We love storytelling and hope readers enjoy learning  more about our shorts. Looking forward to your feedback and reviews of our stories.

Breakfield is a technology expert specifically in security, networking, voice, and anything digital. He enjoys writing, studying World War II his­tory, travel, and cultural exchanges. Charles is also a fan of wine tastings, wine making, Harley riding, cooking extravaganzas, and woodworking.

Burkey is a25+ year applied technology professional who optimizes technology and business investments for global customers. She focuses on optimized customer experiences. Rox loves interviewing authors, writing white papers, reviewing books, and loves creating fiction.

Together they create award-winning stories that resonate with men and women, young and experienced adults, and bring a fresh new view to technology threats of today. Please visit their website, look around, and grab some free stuff https://www.EnigmaSeries.com.

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