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Putting more eggs in the basket

I just ordered 90 cups worth of Pink Stork Fertility Tea. I read probably all of the reviews on Amazon and have decided that I am willing to mess up my regular cycle for a chance at conceiving. There are tons of women who claim that they got pregnant during the first cycle of drinking the stuff. I guess we shall see. If I am so lucky, I will be giving the rest to the other women in my life who are also having trouble conceiving.

Today was the second day of my new workout routine. How sad that I hate cardio so much that 15 minutes on the elliptical feels like an eternity. I really just use it to get my heart rate up so that I can do circuit training style workouts that alternate between resistance and high intensity bursts.

I ate relatively healthy (I didn’t eat any candy). Although, I had a small ice cream pop… Baby steps.

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Switching gears

I am taking a little break from book reviewing due to an overly stuffed schedule. BUT, I will temporarily pause the hiatus to review the last book of a series next month. I loved the first two books, so I refused to give up my chance with the last one.

Anyway, how am I switching gears? I plan to document my success (fingers crossed) or failure (boooo!) in getting pregnant using the Ava fertility bracelet. I have finally succumbed to Facebook’s advertising and used the Litter Robot refund money to try for baby numero dos.

We’ve been trying to get pregnant on and off for the last few years. I’ve had a few early losses, and I think that simplifying the fertility tracking process will help. It also wouldn’t hurt to have more information about my quality of sleep, breathing, resting heart rate, etc.

In addition to using the “fert-bit,” I am going to try extra hard to do some sort of fitness routine and eat healthier. Oh, and I’m Marie Kondo-ing the crap out of my house. I will be letting go of a shit ton of clothing that might not (more like probably won’t) ever fit me again, thus giving my closet a svelte figure as well. So, wish me luck!

P.S. Click below if you want a $20 discount on your own Ava fertility bracelet.

$20 off Ava Bracelet! Woooot wooooot!

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