Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Wade Watts is like any other teenage kid in this messed up world (there’s mass poverty, pollution, hunger, you name it) until the creator of an online simulation, OASIS, passes away and leaves behind a high stakes treasure hunt. Find the Easter egg in OASIS and you will inherit controlling shares of the company and hundreds of billions of dollars. Suddenly, the online community is wide awake as everyone scrutinizes every detail of the creator’s life (and his obsession with the 80’s) in order to find the 3 keys that unlock 3 gates. But years pass and nobody finds a thing. Wade spends those years wisely, becoming an expert on the life of the creator and submersing himself in all things 80’s. When he’s the first person to get through the first gate, the game is back on. Alliances are formed among gamers and corporate scum use their power and money to try to take control.

I’m a little embarrassed that I was late to this party. I had this ARC sitting on my shelf for years and finally cracked it open because I hit a reading slump. I was immediately consumed by the smart and funny writing. After a Rush reference, I thought, What is it with the 80’s and Rush? since one of my all-time favorite movies, Fanboys, talks about Rush a lot too. Turns out, Cline wrote Fanboys. Explains a lot. Haha! Of course, this inspired some Googling on my side and I found out that Spielberg is directing the movie. I think the press release came out a month before I read the book, so I really can’t get over the coincidence (more of that magic I mentioned earlier). Mind you, this book came out in 2013(?).

On a sad note, Robin Williams read and loved this book and wanted to take part in it. I think he would’ve added so much color to this movie.

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