Review & Giveaway: Bonnie and Clyde: Radioactive by Hays & McFall

Bonnie and Clyde #3
Genre: Historical / Alternative History / Romance 
Publisher:  Pumpjack Press on Facebook
Date of Publication: March 23, 2019
Number of Pages: 332Scroll down for the giveaway!

Bonnie and Clyde: Defending the working class from a river of greed.

It’s January 1945, the height of World War Two. As the bloody conflict drags on, America has undertaken a massive top-secret effort to unleash the power of the atom and develop the first nuclear bomb. A network of Nazi and Soviet spies is determined to steal the technology, or failing that, sabotage the project. 

But first, they have to get past Bonnie and Clyde.
In a heart-pounding adventure spanning the windswept landscapes of eastern Washington to an isolated internment camp in the California mountains, Bonnie and Clyde face deception at every turn.Can the former outlaws put aside their desire for revenge long enough to help end the war?

As in Resurrection Road and Dam Nation, the story cuts back and forth between 1984 where Royce, a washed-up investigative reporter, teams up with the now-elderly Bonnie Parker to hunt down the truth about their past, and the 1940s undercover exploits of the young Bonnie and Clyde.

And in Radioactive, Royce and Bonnie finally discover the devastating truth: Who Sal — the brains behind forcing Bonnie and Clyde into covert service defending the working class all those years ago — really was.


After the exhilarating ride in the last book, Dam Nation, I was anxious to get my hands on this third and final book of the Bonnie & Clyde saga. Fifteen years have lapsed since the original ride or die couple was working the Hoover Dam assignment, but we pick up where we left off with Bonnie and Royce the journalist, sometime in the ‘80s.

Time hasn’t taken anything away from Bonnie and Clyde. Their smarts and toughness haven’t dulled after over a decade of living covertly, and their passion for each other still burns at a hot and heavy roar. As I read their banter and became reacquainted with the couple, it got me thinking that this fictionalized relationship is probably based quite a bit on the stuff that powers the couple who wrote this series. I don’t know how they split their writing duties, but Hays and McFall write a seamless story. Hell, I’ve read books written by ONE author that felt like crashing into a brick wall every time the perspective changed. But this writing duo jumps decades as smoothly as Bonnie and Clyde lie their way out of sticky situations.

I remember raving about all the different characters in the last book, and Radioactive delivers USA Network-worthy (“Characters Welcome”) cast. Not to be sexist, but I especially loved Anna. I don’t want to spoil anything but seriously, it felt like Bonnie might have met her match. A young, attractive woman with a knack for manipulation who can give our duo the slip? It was enough to make me nervous for Bonnie a few times, both as an operative and as a woman.

I really marvel at how much description, story, and character development are compiled in just a 332-page book. This story is screen-ready, as are the other two in the series. If you haven’t already read them, you need to. I know that this is supposed to be the last book, but there was a little something near the end that made me think it was possible to still sneak a few more books in if Hays and McFall find it difficult to part ways with Bonnie and Clyde for good.

Clark and Kathleen wrote their first book together in 1999 as a test for marriage. They passed. 
Radioactive is their seventh co-authored book. 
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GRAND PRIZE: Signed copies of the full Bonnie and Clyde series
TWO WINNERS: Choice of print or eBook copy of Radioactive
May 23-June 1, 2019
(U.S. Only)

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2 responses to “Review & Giveaway: Bonnie and Clyde: Radioactive by Hays & McFall

  1. SERIOUSLY hope they keep writing these — there’s so much I still want to know! Thanks for a great review.

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